Lives in Balance

Role Assignment

In order for your students to participate in the simulation, their instructor must fill this Role Assignment Guide, a critical “before you visit” document that Situation Room staff need returned upon your visit.

Role Assignment Sheet

This document is meant to assist the educator with assigning their students ideal roles within the simulation. If you have any questions when filling this out, please email us.

Pre-Visit Activities

Almost all of these materials may be used as stand-alone lessons or in preparation for your virtual experience. 
These activities are considered the minimum required prior to your visit and are vital to a successful experience.

Pre-Visit PowerPoint

The pre-visit PowerPoint is designed to introduce your students to the major curricular topics addressed in the Situation Room Experience.

Time Expected: 30 minutes

Grade Levels: High School and University

Student Role Explanations

These explanations provide a summary for the students as to the responsibilities and powers of their assigned role. Please ensure that the student is given enough time to read and review their corresponding role.

Governor of Arizona

Governor of California

Governor of Nevada

Governor of New Mexico

CDC Director

Secretary of Commerce

Time Expected: 20-30 minutes per role

Grade Levels: High School and University

Additional Pre-Visit Activities

These activities provide an additional level of information that will help students in the simulation. While they are not required, they are highly recommended. 

Images Worksheet

This worksheet helps teach student how to read and analyze memos and graphics that will be used in the simulation.

Time Expected: 15 minutes

Grade Levels: High School and University

Role Worksheet

This worksheet serves as additional practice for students to learn the details of their role.

Time Expected: 15 minutes

Grade Levels: High School and University

Vocabulary List

This list will allow students to familiarize themselves with terms they may be unfamiliar with.

Time Expected: 15 minutes

Grade Levels: High School and University

State V. Federal Powers Worksheet

This worksheet teaches the students to recognize the difference between powers held by the states and the federal government and why this difference is important.

Time Expected: 15 - 30 minutes

Grade Levels: High School and University

Post-Visit Activities

After the simulation, the facilitator will debrief the students to get their first reactions to their experience. Once they have had some more time to process, it is recommended that the teacher use these activities so that the students can analyze everything they learned during the simulation.

After Action Analysis

This activity allows the students to quickly recap their experience and summarize what they thought was the most important moments.

Time Expected: 15 minutes

Grade Levels: High School and University

Post-Simulation Questions

These questions allow the teacher to gauge the thought processes of the students throughout the simulation.

Time Expected: 15-30 minutes

Grade Levels: High School and University


Lives in Balance aligns to the national College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework standards, California’s History-Social Science content standards, Common Core standards in History/Social Studies, and social and emotional learning standards.

To view details of the standards, click here