Constitutional Crisis



Constitutional Crisis is the original crisis scenario developed for the Situation Room Experience.

In this scenario, participants form teams and assume the roles of the President’s Cabinet in order to manage a modern constitutional crisis while their colleagues take on the parts of key news media members scrambling to cover the story as it unfolds before them.

Participants must work together in this high stakes environment to examine a multitude of critical sources and make important decisions about developing events.

This award-winning 21st century educational experience is aligned with national and state standards for high school.



The following section pertains to step 3 on the reservations page and contains all of the additional resources that you will need to prepare your group for the Situation Room Experience.

Role Assignment

In order for your students to participate in the simulation, their instructor must fill out and return this Role Assignment Guide, a critical “before you visit” document that Situation Room staff need returned prior to your visit.

Educators know their students.
This document is meant to assist the educator with assigning their students ideal roles within the simulation. Any questions may be addressed during our webinar, when this document will be covered extensively.

Pre-Visit Activities

Almost all of these materials may be used as stand-alone lessons or in preparation for a Situation Room visit. 

The pre-visit Powerpoint, role explanation, and role worksheets are considered the minimum required prior to your visit and are vital to a successful experience.


The additional materials below, while not required, will help your students to prepare for the simulation and our world's changing media landscape.


Post-Visit Activities

After the simulation, you will receive a link to access analytics for your group's experience. You will be able to see the choices your students made during the simulation and use this information to foster discussion.

The Situation Room Experience also provides you with a post-visit Powerpoint presentation, a set of open-ended questions, and an after-action report that delve further into the themes, challenges, and historical content of the simulation.


The Situation Room Experience is aligned with national standards, California History-Social Science Content Standards, and California English-Language Arts Standards.