Seize the Day!

Do you have what it takes to guide the nation through a time of crisis? The Situation Room Experience puts you in command during a high-paced simulation of the challenges our leaders face.

For Students


Have you ever wondered what it's like to be in command? 

The room is buzzing with energy.  News reports are flashing across the screen, the networks are racing for the latest scoop.  Confusion and chaos are threatening to spread in the aftermath of a crisis.  Someone asks "what are we going to do," and all the eyes in the room are fixed on you.  That is the Situation Room Experience. These videos will provide an introduction to American foreign policy tools. This knowledge will come in handy when you go to the Situation Room to play the game. 

Continue the Conversation

Did you snap the perfect selfie of yourself standing at the podium with the White House seal in the background? Or how about a shot of your squad around the same conference table where Presidents once sat with their Cabinet members? Make sure to use #SitRoomExp and tag us @SitRoomExp to connect with students from across the country about their experiences in the Situation Room.

As you reflect on the experience, online or with friends, here are a few things to think about. What role did you play? Was that a job you knew existed before your visit? Did you end up on camera? Was there pressure being on camera or taking part in the decision making process? Were you able to collaborate with others, or were you forced to work as an individual? What was your favorite part of the game?

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