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From the Cuban Missile Crisis to the Presidential Libraries, the Situation Room has a rich history. Now you can be part of that history!

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The Situation Room Experience is a high stakes, foreign policy simulation that challenges participants to deal with an international crisis.The simulation places individuals in the role of a member of the White House Crisis Management Team or as a key member of the media as the emergency unfolds in real time. Cutting edge technology helps drive the experience in a one-of-kind award-winning gaming environment that takes place in the actual Situation Room from the White House.

Since its inception, the White House Situation Room has served as the crisis center for presidential decision making, where every president since Kennedy has had to make some of their most difficult decisions, often as a matter of life and death. Post 9/11, President George W. Bush determined the Situation Room complex needed a technological update and renovation. In 2007, the Situation Room's “Conference Room” and the “Command Center” were crated and transported to the George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan Presidential Libraries for a carefully curated re-installation. These historically significant rooms serve as the setting of the Situation Room Experience, a modern, fictional crisis based upon historic fact.



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Point of Contact:

Mira Cohen
Director of Education
Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum

Sharon Brannon
Education Specialist
George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum