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From the Cuban Missile Crisis to the Presidential Libraries, the Situation Room has a rich history. Now you can be part of that history!

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In 2006, President George W. Bush directed the White House Situation Room be renovated and updated. The historic Situation Room was used by nine sitting Presidents including President Ronald Reagan. The existing Situation Room complex was removed and two of the key rooms - the Main Conference Room and the Secure Video Transmission Site - were preserved and reinstalled at the George W. Bush and the Ronald Reagan Presidential Libraries.

These profoundly significant rooms provide an exceptional educational opportunity for students who will form teams to assume the roles of the Executive Office of the President and the President’s Cabinet in order to manage a constitutional crisis. Fellow classmates will take on the parts of key news media members scrambling to cover the story as it unfolds before them. Participating students must work together in a high stakes environment to examine a multitude critical sources and make important decisions about developing events.

This 21st century educational experience is aligned with national and state standards.



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Mira Cohen
Director of Education
Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum

Sharon Brannon
Education Specialist
George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum