This easy 3-step process will give you everything you need to take your group to the Situation Room Experience at the George W. Bush Presidential Library in Dallas, Texas.

Note: This page pertains to school groups. If you would like to schedule an Executive Experience, please click here.


NARA is following current federal protocols for reopening the SRE. Please be aware that in-person sim dates may need to be postponed if Covid numbers exceed the federal threshold for opening.

Download Resources

Follow the link to your simulation below to download essential resources. 

These include the role assignment sheet that you will use to designate who will fill what role in the game and the pre-visit lesson that will prepare your students to grapple with the themes of their experience.


Click below to download each file for legal permissions.

These are Permission to Play and Photography Release forms.

Bus Scholarship

Educators from Title One schools may apply for financial assistance for transportation to and from the Presidential Library. If you would like to apply, please see the bus scholarship application form below.

Reserve Your Experience

Click the link below to create a reservation through the Peek Pro booking system.