An Exercise in Leadership

This three hour event for 25 - 37 participants challenges executives in four key areas: communication, decision making, critical thinking and crisis management.


About the Experience

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Participants in experienceImmerses high-achieving, goal oriented professionals in an international crisis scenario based on real history and primary source documents in the actual Situation Room from the White House.

Demands high level of performance as participants assume the roles of the White House crisis management team, members of the intelligence community and the media all facing multiple challenges in real time.

Creates competition between and collaboration among teams to solve serious problems. The experiential event expects participants to perform in a high-stakes, fast-paced environment.

Provides an exceptional opportunity for business leaders to assess their teams' performance and develop key takeaways to improve and refine communication, decision making, crisis management and critical thinking skills.

Award-winning simulation

Situation RoomTabletThis modern, fictional, crisis scenario transports participants into a high-stakes, fast-paced arena as they face an international crisis based upon historical fact and National Archives documents. In the actual Situation Room from the White House, 25 - 37 executives assume the roles of the White House Crisis Management Team, members of the intelligence community and of the media. This three hour event blends the latest in technology, with historic events and realistic role-playing, to provide an exceptionally robust experience, not available anywhere else.

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All fees generated support:

The Student Engagement Initiative

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For more information contact: or call (805) 577-4065

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library | 40 Presidential Drive, Simi Valley, California 93065


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